The Dry Martini

The Martini

“Just a drink. A Martini. Shaken, not stirred”

James Bond, perhaps the single most iconic pop-culture figure to be associated with the Martini. 

Sipping on a Martini is bound to have you feeling like the suave and charismatic 007 himself. But are you ready for a twist?

The Martini is in fact made to be stirred, not shaken. The distinctly smooth flavor of gin is made prominent in the Martini by stirring. Expert bartenders and mixologists consider shaking a Martini to be sacrilege. 

This cocktail is made by mixing gin and vermouth. Depending on the ratio and type of vermouth used, the Martini can range from dry, sweet, and wet. With the dry Martini being made with four or more parts gin and only one part dry vermouth. 

Regardless of the ratios you use to mix a Martini, one ingredient has stood the test of time to become the key to creating this cocktail - temperature. 

In order to maintain the smooth taste of a Martini, it is essential to chill your spirit of choice, your vermouth, and even the glass itself. 

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The History

Although the origins of this cocktail remain vague to this day, one of the most popular stories takes us back to Manhattan, New York City, 1912. 

The myth of the Martini’s origin tells of the oil baron himself, John D. Rockefeller, who visited the Knickerbocker Hotel. It was at this hotel where the bartender offered Rockerfeller “something new”. 

This drink consisted of equal parts gin and dry vermouth with a dash of orange bitters. Rockefeller loved it, and soon after the Martini became a widespread hit across America. 

The success of the Martini continued to grow, as it found its way into the glasses of big names such as Franklin Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra, and Francis Fitzgerald. 

By the 1950’s and 60’s, the Martini became the go-to drink for cosmopolitan businessmen and executives. 

The history of the Martini has solidified the cocktail as a symbol of class and refinement, greatly impacting the word of pop-culture through iconic figures like James Bond. 

Our Dry Martini Collection

When we set out to design our collection of cocktail themed clothing, we knew we had to include the Dry Martini. 

The sophistication synonymous with the Martini inspired us to embody its heritage while also adding a splash of fun and playfulness, better suited to the fashion of today’s world.