A Guide to Stockholm's Award-Winning Cocktail Scene

Stockholm has a vibrant cocktail scene, with a variety of bars that may satisfy any taste or inclination. There is a cocktail bar for every occasion, from secluded, exclusive spaces to modern, stylish locations. We'll introduce you to some of the top cocktail bars in Stockholm in this guide, each with a distinctive vibe and a mouthwatering menu. In Stockholm, you can find a wonderful place to enjoy any type of drink, whether you're in the mood for something traditional or a little more inventive. So gather a group of friends and raise a glass at one of the city's best cocktail bars.


Malmskillnadsgatan 9

The "Röda Huset" (The Red House) restaurant and bar is situated in Stockholm's downtown area with a stunning view of the well-known "Sergels Torg" square. The bar's award-winning bartender, Hampus Thunholm, is also responsible for designing the drink menu. This is the place to go if you want to sip handcrafted seasonal cocktails with a hint of Sweden! "One to watch" in the top 50 bars in the world, and listed as the 78th finest bar in the world (2022)


Hornsbruksgatan 24

Located in the hipster part of Stockholm “Hornstull”. Award-winning cocktails are served at this bar, which you should never leave. The atmosphere is enhanced by its informality and lack of pretense. The beer and wine list is also fantastic if you get weary of cocktails or simply want something different. Restaurant offers delicious dishes with Southern European and Middle Eastern flavors. Tjoget is ranked as the 40th finest bar in the world on the World's Top 50 list (2021) ,


Grev Turegatan 30

From the outside, this cozy, modest bar may not seem like much, but once you go inside, you'll be in cocktail heaven. Johan Evers, an award-winning bartender, built, owns, and operates Gemma. Are you still waiting outside? GO IN and discover this little diamond!


Blasieholmshamnen 8

A lavish, tastefully intimate bar with comfy sofa groups and stunning views of the river and the Royal Palace is located on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel. It's never too pretentious to have a nice cocktail; go here without hesitation just because it's at the Grand Hotel. Innovative cocktail, with imaginative serves and delectable beverages.


Hornsgatan 82

The former jail from the 18th century, "Häktet," is located in the southern portion of Stockholm. Today, "Häktet" includes three bars and a restaurant. We strongly advise seeing "Häktet Vänster (Häktet Left)". This speakeasy-style pub blends a cozy atmosphere with an experimental drink menu, as well as incredibly experienced and imaginative bartenders. They frequently change their menu, so order two of your favorite drinks in case they aren't available when you return. Don't be startled if you have to solve a riddle to see the menu; that may be it.


Birger Jarlsgatan 20

Coquetel Social Cocktail Bar on Stureplan is a sophisticated establishment with all the amenities you could ask for in a cocktail bar. They are PERFECT and one of the few places that just sells traditional drinks! This is an excellent place to start if you haven't tried a Whiskey Sour, Gibson, Daiquiri, Negroni, Cosmopolitan, or Old Fashioned yet.


Birger Jarlsgatan 20

In 2022, Lucy's was ranked as the #49 best bar in the world on the World's Top 50 list. The bar is run by Alex Skarlén and Ola Carlsson and can be discovered (if you know where to search) in Arnoldshuset between Coquetel Social and Nold, tucked away in a basement. Once you locate this charming establishment, you're in for a treat, but watch out—they stay open till late!


Lilla Nygatan 5

Tweed has really embraced its concept, as suggested by its name, complete with cozy chesterfields and checkered wallpaper. This delightful bar serves traditional drinks with a unique touch - Enjoy while sitting on a very comfortable chair! perhaps purchase a cigar at the bar? Take care of yourself; you deserve it.